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Design that helps you succeed

A reality of the Web is that there only so many clicks in a visitor’s session, and the tolerance of clicking decreases at an increasing rate as a visitor becomes increasingly adept.

There’s a lot of competition for clicks on the Web. Obviously there’s no way that all of the links posted are going to attract visitors.

Links become invisible to experienced visitors as they train their eyes to ignore links and focus on content

Strategies upon strategies, some with breath taking assumptions, are developed by webmasters in order to attract visitors to their venues.

But there’s one thing for certain – the more interactive your link, the more likely it will attract the attention needed to develop greater click thru rates.

Although we don’t thoroughly agree with intense animation, we believe that greater attention and enhanced click thru rates can be achieve thru “interactive banner ads”. Evidence of “interactive banner ads” successes are becoming numerous. View the New York Times and the Washington Post, you can witness these ads in a variety of shapes and sophistication. The beauty of such ads is their simplicity. Colorful background, a little animation, a terse message of well chosen words …and BAM …a visitor at your door.

You might think ….well…who has the money for that….? Ah, there’s the rub! The ad displayed here (with client permission - of course) would cost about $70US. Cheap at twice the price!





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