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1982 was the birth of FinTek as a creative entity focused on developing custom financial software for the banking industry. In the ‘dark ages’, the primary focus was on analysis. Creating user-friendly interfaces with SAS and SPSS tools for data mining and analysis was a challenge in the 80s.

With the growing popularity of Windows in the 90s, we became totally devoted to developing tools for workflow. With a broader customer base, we created sets of algorithms which 'automated' the mundane processes of everyday business tasks by using colorful intuitively designed 'gui's' as a means of workflow processing, controlling and auditing.

At that time, the main focus was on output processes, today the focus is on collaborative processes - a  distinct move from "results" orientation. No longer is a report on the boss' desk the final product. The bar has been raised so there is an expectation of a continuous generation of data which is constantly contributing to organizational resources readily available for anyone in the process to view, comment, edit, enhance or otherwise participate. Globally disparate resources are available as part of workflow processes and although standardization has been refined via new XML standards to allow greater dissemination, horizons for additional data have become limitless.

In all that has changed in two and a half decades, we still employ the theory that ‘people friendly intuitive tools’ can enrich any working environment and enhance productivity.