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....we provide custom banner design for web site advertising on portal sites, search engines locations + specialized directories. basic designs can include illustration, photos, image maps, and other types of design elements.

Banners can come in a variety of size and shapes - skyscraper, full banner, half banner, square, buttons + microbuttons. But don't limit your thoughts - we don't - any size and shape has merit!

Banners have become traditional advertising tools since the advent of dynamic HTML. These colorful rectangles are usually relatively simple pieces of HTML code, but their pervasive presence and their importance in any internet business is immense. Their primary purpose is no dark secret - they all take you to the advertiser's WebSite. This dynamic capability is what differentiates it from its printed cousins.

As displayed they differ in size and pointed market segmentation - using colors and design criteria appropriate for a specific market segment. It is not unusual, for example, that several banner ads are designed for the same product. Each designed to attract a targeted market segmented by age, taste or the environment in which the banner is placed. A health insurance provider may place a banner on the front page above the fold in the New York Times which is total different from a banner ads place on the sports or fitness sections of the same publication even though both banners lead to the same URL. The first may be smaller static banner using vibrant colors attracting the eye to the banner location while the second may use an expanded "animated banner" displaying an athletic "six pack" bearing dude hailing the benefits of cheaper health insurance for the fit.

While this strategy may work for a general product or service, most banner ads posting the banner on pages with related Web content works best. The closer to the top of the web page the better. The simpler the message the better.

Many banner ads campaigns use several simple banner ads for each selected locations rotating the banners on a regular basis to pique curiosity. However, simple animated banners are better than static ones at drawing attention. Finally - contact us of course - after all we help people succeed - and you're next!


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