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Design that helps you succeed

The only thing worse than not having a Web Site, is having one that looks like it was designed in 20 minutes by your brother-in-law.  Your website projects your image to the public. When a customer or client looks at your web site they are going to think one of two things:

That you take yourself seriously or That you DON'T

Without a well-designed site, you will not even have the opportunity to present your message.

So...what is good web design? Good web design is a proper mix of art, technique, and content that projects an appropriate image and results in a pleasant,  positive, informative and interactive visitor experience. 

ART. Developing the proper image is the first step. Generating a "look and feel" appropriate for the message and appealing to the public is the purpose of image enhancement. We value substance over glitz, but we respect the power of artful presentation. We mix graphic design and interactive content technology with the underlying premise that objectives & goals must be achieved. We stress selecting the appropriate design tools required to dynamically project your image in order to magnify the impact of the content being delivered.

TECHNIQUE. This part of the process begins with gathering the content. Notice that we say "gathering."  That is because most of the content that will be required already exists somewhere within your office so choosing what content is appropriate for the message is usually selecting from the volumes of information you already have. 

CONTENT. Organizing content is the next step in a well- designed siteOrganizing the way information is presented is referred to as information design. Information design is simply determining how content is to be delivered.



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