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information architecture

People productity is our main priority—the focus on helping intelligent people is the key to our successes. Gathering, utilizing and disseminating information efficiently is key to productivity. Information architecture is used to accomplish that goal by structuring information within the context most appropriate for intelligent use among people, groups, or communities. In all, we use technology to help people perform better. In a global economy .... nothing less is acceptable.

Intelligent people need "intelligent tools" to accomplish goals and objectives. At FINTEK, we call those "intelligent tools" - IQTOOLS!

IQTOOLS can come in many forms - ActiveX , business objects, ADO objects, workflow processes, CMS initgration, financial modeling tools, critial path tracting objects, document nexus tools via XML, XSL, XSLT, PDF creation tools, or just solid web and information design.

The list of possibilities is practically endless.......

.....but one thing is certain; those who choose not to invest in their technological futures will find themselves ill positioned to compete in coming years. Investing in IQTOOLS is the most cost-effective way to assure that technology will work for you and for the foreseeable future.

Creating business solutions is an art requiring the most sophisticated business expertise and technical knowledge. There is no substitute.

On this site, find out more about us, check out our design work and our IQTOOLS, and contact us for more information about our services.







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