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iQTOOLS that help you succeed

The IQTOOLS group has developed solutions to meet the specific needs shown on this page. Take a look at these product descriptions which serve dozens of clients in their respective industries.

In addition, the IQTOOLS group provides customized solutions to meet  your specific needs.  Whether they be desktop, distributive, or Web-based, we can integrate new technology with your existing methods of operation or create customized tools to help you improve the efficiency of your organization though enhanced "people productivity."

Creating business solutions is an art requiring the most sophisticated business expertise and technical knowledge. There is no substitute. At the center of every solution is an understanding of the problem.   Solution requirements must be understood through proper analysis by seasoned professionals who can understand the obvious as well as the ancillary components and develop strategies for the best, cost-effective solution. Matching the requirements with available technologies is the only way to achieve this objective.


CODE ENFORCER is a set of leading edge technology tools developed to assist you in enforcing your municipal code and efficiently manage the processes of issuing licenses, permits, CO’s, their related inspection processes, and complaints



TAX FILE is the fourth generation set of intelligent tools developed for tax collection of real property- based taxes and service fees for local government.

Money it's a gas!

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COMING SOON.......Creating, sending, receiving or just viewing documents.


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