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CODE ENFORCER is a set of leading edge technology tools developed to assist you in enforcing your municipal code, and to efficiently manage the processes of issuing licenses, permits, CO’s, their related inspection processes.


CODE ENFORCER is a structured workflow.

CODE ENFORCER streamlines the process of issuing all permits and CO's, tracks required inspections, and maintains historical records of all such activity for each parcel within the municipality.

CODE ENFORCER enables you to manage contractor and tradesmen licensing and monitor their status, history and insurance coverage. 

CODE ENFORCER also provides an optional web-based permitting to enable you to receive application data for permits, licenses, and CO's over the Internet. 

Under the hood, CODE ENFORCER uses ActiveDataObjects to ensure reliability, speed, and the  functionality required in a "mission critical environment" and is compatible with MSOffice 2000, all MS SQLServer versions, Oracle and all ODBC compliant relational US....for a preview.








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