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Tax File is the fourth generation set of intelligent tools developed for tax collection of real property based taxes and service fees for local government.

Money it's a gas!

Tax File provides methods for accepting payments from multiple Internet sources including lock box facilities, third party escrow agents, banks and mortgage companies reducing the labor intensive record keeping for collecting taxes from hours to seconds.

Tax File provides easy to use methods for reconciling and reporting payments received as well as projecting future payments.

Tax File provides management reports that can put your team on top of assessment, ownership and collection issues.

Tax File provides you with interim billing methods.

Tax File provides you with instant comprehensive payment history reports or certification to third parties.

So Tax File is more than just a way to reduce the burden of recording payments. It is a way to manage all the tax parcels within your tax district. After using Tax File, you'll see how easy it is to track the ownership of each tax parcel, track assessment changes including implementing general reassessments of your entire tax district, create new parcels as subdivisions are recorded, and the list is almost endless. You'll need to see for yourself how comprehensive and user friendly Tax File US....for a preview.








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